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Drummer wanted for doom metal band


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I'm looking for a drummer to play in a doom/sludge band. Think graves at sea, laudanum, burning witch, goatsnake, asunder, iron monkey etc.


We've got a few songs already written but had to part ways with the drummer for logistical reasons.


We're all experienced musicians in our early 30s and we'd be looking for someone of similar age and experience. Get in touch if you think you might be interested, Cheers.

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I play drums and love burning witch, ironmonkey and goatsnake... loads of stuff as long as its old, wierd or heavy...


i am in two bands in sheffield, ive recorded, played gigs etc....


unfortunatly i aint got much free time.... but was looking for people in to the same stuff as me for ages and found nothing... so i am keen


lemme know

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Hey man,

We're gonna arrange to jam with a few people this week if you're interested... I can send you some practice room recordings to check out, see if you're into it and take it from there. What bands are you in now?





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