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This weekends entertainment @ firth park wmc


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This forth coming weekend you can see on

Saturday 11th April something different in the form of 1 of the north wests best drag artists MISS SUGAR See below for more details

"Sometimes people ask how I manage dressing like this every day. They actually think I go round Asda dressed like this. I tell them that my job is no different to being a policeman in that respect - I'm just putting a uniform on."

Those who may be put off going to Ian's show for fear of being picked on can rest assured - he's not your usual raucous drag act.

"I'm a female impersonator, not a drag act, and there is a difference," said Ian.

"I'm not like Lily Savage. I'm more like Danny La Rue.

"There's nothing offensive in my act. People say to me, 'I saw someone doing what you do in Ibiza on holiday' and I think 'I bet you didn't'.

"I don't go round picking on the audience or relying on blue humour.

"It's more like the old variety style of act. It's a bit of cheeky banter and clean humour suitable for all the family.

"And there's no lip synching, it's all completely live."

Outside his unusual job, Ian is just a regular guy but when he dons his glitter and wig the personality of Miss Sugar takes over.

"I'm definitely more confident as Miss Sugar," he said.

Sunday 12th April Coming down from the north east to entertain you we have award winning trio ROXY See below for more details


Terrific girl fronted trio with drums and guitar!

Performing hit songs from Guns 'n' Roses, Candi Staton, The Killers, Pink, Rhiannon, Journey and many more...

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