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Traditional story recitals.

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Don't know if anyone can help. My gran came from Sheffield, and would recite a story called "sheep 'ead" to me, as a child. I think it started "penny wise and pounds foolish seems curious, but I'll just tell you tale as I 'eard, 'bout a couple as lived up at grimesthorpe, decided to but a sheep 'ead" . I believe it might have been a temperance story.

just wondering if anyone knows the story in full still, and can enlighten me about its origin?

my sister and I pieced some of it together from memory, but I'd love to have the full thing.

I think somewhere my mum might have a reel to reel recording of her reciting it, yet to be found!


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Just bumping this up in the hope someone knows the story or its history?

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