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Practical Baby Care Workshop (BabyNatal)

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BabyNatal classes are practical, memorable and enjoyable baby care classes for expectant and new parents.

A great way to increase your confidence and meet other parents-to-be!


**Preparation for the day when you first hold your baby in your arms.**


This workshop introduces you to the basics of baby care - you will learn lots of practical skills in regards to caring for your baby, from dressing to bathing, from winding holds to colic calming, from playtime to sleep time; I cover all the practical aspects to help you feel confident as a parent.


BabyNatal introduces you to the concept of the 'Fourth Trimester' and explores ways that you can help your baby adjust from the womb to the big world, through consideration of those first few minutes and hours following birth.


BabyNatal workshops are fully supported by DaddyNatal - BabyNatal's partner pioneering and award-winning organisation which is doing fantastic work with dads. No dad will leave a BabyNatal class feeling like a spare part!


Most importantly BabyNatal workshops are about empowerment and choice. This means we will also look at different suggestions and evidence around both baby-led parenting and routines, so that YOU can choose how you want to parent. The workshops are completely impartial and non-judgmental, they seek to empower you to make your own choices, and simply provide you with support and information in order to be able to do that.



I am really excited to be bringing these classes to Sheffield.

Group workshops are available on weekend mornings and weekday evenings.

Private classes can also be arranged in your own home.


Group classes cost £30 per couple; private classes cost £50.


Contact me for more details and dates of classes currently available.

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