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TARANTULAS for sale - Heterothele Villosella


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Reason for Rehome / Sale - Have more than I need after breeding

Sale Amount - £5 each

Location - S81

Age & Sex - 4 months 3 weeks, 5th/6th instar

Breed/ Mix - Heterothele Villosella

Approximate size now and full grown size - 2.5cm / 5-6cm when adult

Viv size needed - Small / smallest plastic vivs will house them fine

Beginners reptile, moderate or experienced only - good for beginners

Easy to feed - yep

Live/dead food - both they will eat freshly killed mealworms/roaches etc

General information that you can share


Bred my females to setup a few communal tanks and have more offspring than I can accommodate.


These are great T's -


- quick growers maturing in 12-15 months depending on feeding schedule.

- good eaters, these have grown up eating mealworms, bean weevils and dubia cockroaches.

- Good webbers and will given the right setup web up the entire tank

- lastly being dwarfs they don't need big tanks at all and will happily live as adults in the smallest sized plastic vivs such as the Exo Terra Standard Faunarium Mini etc


These are also one of the few proper communal tarantula species and being dwarfs you could have a pretty large communal setup whilst still using a small tank like a 2 footer


Depending on how warm you house is they may not need heatmats, certainly in the summer they will be fine without, if your house is cold a heatmat may be advisable for the autumn/winter


Temperament is very good, never seen any aggression from any of mine and they are very compliant when moving them so ideal for a shaky beginner


collection only, will be provided in the tubs as per pictures below


Standard spider care applies-

don't use aerosol sprays in the same room as them so hairspray/deodorant etc

don't handle them

don't feed them wild insects as who knows what rubbish they have in/on them













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