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Singer looking for jazz/ blues/ soul..even classic pop musicians to..


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...star or to join a band.


I've been in a couple of bands before and done some gigs....Not many though. I've also recorded a few songs of my own.


I've recently moved back to Sheffield after being in America for a while, and I quite fancied doing a bit of singing again for fun and possibly if were OK some gigs! I'm not looking for a record contract out of this, I just enjoy music and singing.


I'm 28, female, I've mainly done jazz and blues style singing but I like a really wide range of music. If you need to listen to some of my stuff I have some rather old recordings I can dig out!


I don't have any specifications for what kind of musicians I'm looking for, any instruments, gender, age let me know if your looking for a singer or a band: D.

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Hi Lara,


I'm a 26 year old songwriter based in Sheffield.


I'm looking to join or create a band. My main interest is rhythm and I'm happy to play guitar, bass or drums depending on what suits. Open to all genres but I'd be most comfortable with funk, soul, blues, reggae or indie.


My biggest influences at the moment are Talking Heads, Foals, Bowie, Ella Fitzgerald, PJHarvey and Paul Weller.


I've previously played guitar for the Lazy Tree Surgeons (on myspace and drums for building ships (on sound cloud, click on 'winter demo').


Really like the demos you've got on myspace, even though they must feel like old ones to you.


I'm fairly busy on week nights so I'd probably be wanting to play at the weekend.


Let me know if you're interested,



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Hi there,


sorry for the late reply, I'd pretty much given up on this thread.


I'm really glad you liked my Myspace stuff! I certainly would like to get something going again music wise, although I'm not entirely sure what!


I'll have a listen to your music and we will have to work something out.


Many thanks,



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