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Victorian Seance Magic Night


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On saturday the 9th of March we are holding a victorian seance magic night at the Old Queens Head. For all who are interested, this is taken from the bookings website


Join us for an evening of mystery, curiosity, ghosts and the paranormal. Step inside the inner circle and experience the unexplainable with Dark Adventures.


Victorian séance magic, illusions and trickery await you as we plunge you into a 2 hour experience you won’t forget. Using master spirit illusionist Paul Bell, you will be taken on a journey into the darkest reaches of the imagination and into the other world, the world of ghosts, the world of Dark Adventures

Set inside the oldest and reputedly most haunted public house in Sheffield, The Old Queens Head, will you be brave enough to join us?


The night begins at 8pm but we ask that you be at the venue in plenty of time so the entertainment can make a prompt start. A member of the GNG Entertainment team will be on hand when you arrive to usher you to the private lounge. The night will finish at 10pm but you are free to stay in the bar downstairs for as long as you like afterwards


Dark Adventures nights are kept as intimate as possible by only allowing 20 guests per show. Because of this, book no using the link below to avoid disappointment


This evening of illusion will utilise various techniques to establish communication with spirits. However, there are differing opinions as to the existence (or not) of spirits and ghosts, and because of this guests are advised to regard the evening purely as entertainment



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