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Calling Sheffield Musicians of all Cultures/Backgrounds!


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Hello there - I am a guitar player (acoustic mainly) who is looking to hook up with other musicians to write, interpret, improvise and arrange music. I would really like to collaborate with people who may, or may not be from a different background to my own - there must be people in Sheffield who play Sitar, Kora, Hammer Dulcimer, etc etc. I think it would be great to get together and bring different elements to the table, as it were. I am not seeking to make music where every note is 'nailed down', but by the same token, I would not be looking to do something which is completely free-form or airy fairy/meandering noodling which may be fun to play but very boring to listen to!


Obviously percussion could play a very important role in this, but massed ranks of Djembes being clattered by a load of white dudes is not my idea of musical heaven, I have to be honest!


I am a good guitarist (and very bad piano player) and can sing a bit also. Sorry this is not more specific, but I do not want to prescribe what a diverse group of people trying something new could do. If interested please PM me and I will get in touch. Many thanks. Pete

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