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Laptop has more faults after collecting from repairs


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My laptop was shutting down by itself and overheating. So i took it for repairs to the nearest shop to me. I paid for the repairs and collected my laptop. On getting home,i switched it on and found:


1) The computer constantly makes a whizzing noise,which was not there initially. When i took it back and complained about this, the technician says if i dont want the noise,i'll have to get a new fan and it costs £28.


2) The wireless wont connect automatically anymore (even though it was working fine the day i handed it in for repairs) and they had even used the wireless connection in the repairs shop.


3) The jack for mic and headphones suddenly wont work at all.


They have said i should bring it back in for them to check it. Possibility of them telling me i have to pay for problems they will artificially create again is 100%. Please can anyone tell me what i can do in this situation?

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