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Ratty Dilemma..


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I've found myself in quite a predicament with my ratties...


I purchased a lone rat from Pets@Home in Heeley, where I was told by three members of staff that the little one was male. After successful intro's, he was popped in with my boys and they were getting along really well... Then two days later I caught both my boys taking it in turns to mate with the little 'boy'! Turns out that Bojangles is a girl and is now pregnant and due to give birth today.


My major problem is that although P@H have taken responsibility, giving me a small temporary cage, I feel it really isn't big enough once the kits get that bit bigger. I will be selling the kits, and keeping one as a companion for its mum, but I am in desperate need of another better cage...


Does anyone have a spare cage? Or one they're willing to sell for a good price? And any accessories/hammocks etc? I can't afford a lot, but my rats well-being is extremely important to me!


Thanks in advance, I hope someone can help me!

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