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Beauchief/Greenhill, do you live there?


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If so can you please tell me where one finishes and the other begins as I don't know the area too well and am trying to accurately label some of my Panoramio photos.


Have I labelled these correctly or have I got it wrong?
















Thanks for your anticipated advice/corrections:)

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They all look correct to me, and I lived around there for several years.


As to the Greenhill/Beauchief distinction - to my mind, Greenhill is is pretty much just the bit at the top of the hill - centered around the old houses on Greenhill Main Road, and the roundabout with Greenhilll library and shops. Beauchief is the bit running down the side of the hill between Greenhill and Abbey Lane/Hutcliffe Wood Road-ish.


Not an exact definition I'm afraid, but the boundry isn't a clear one.


I would proably class most of your photos as being in Beauchief, but others may disagree!

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