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DELVE DEEPER Bank Hol Sunday Feat. DA SUNLOUNGE@DQ > Pre-bar@The Washington


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Easter Sunday has seen some great events for Delve Deeper. It has hosted various all day parties at the likes of Dulo where live musicians such as vocals from Pete Simpson accompanied huge line ups of the very best local DJ’s.


Last year saw Delve Deeper host numerous parties at the Washington and it is safe to say, they were a huge success.


It only seems right that is should happen again? Well, it is but this time on Easter Sunday (8th April), Delve Deeper will pick up on the success and will run two events, a pre and post party.


Kicking things off at 4pm at the Washington and running until 1 am, an impressive line up of Sheffield DJ’s will be providing the trademark deep, underground house. The DJ’s are residents


Liam C & Jenny Fu

Pedramovich (Supernature/Alive)

David Hardy(Jus’House Records/More About Music)

Stevie – Set2 (Collect)

Marcus Williams (Plug/This Way Up)

Adam Connal (UG)

Duncan Allot (Seven Hills Soul Boys)

Carl Dean & Nic James (Dalen Light/Deep Hype Sounds)

MBuso & Acst de Snhorw


On previous events, we have been full to capacity and always seemed a shame to call it a day. So, taking this into consideration, and building from bringing global house don Sebastian Davidson to Sheffield last November, we are hosting an after party at DQ upstairs lounge.


It was such an honour to bring one of the biggest names in deep house music, Sebastian Davidson to the UK to join us. So much so, we have been thinking hard who else would be perfect to bring to Sheffield – DJ’s that are known throughout the world of deep house via both DJ sets and production. DJ’s whose music we have bought and played at Delve Deeper over the years.


We’re really pleased to announce that for our DQ after party (running from 12 midnight until 5am) we will be joined by two guests DJ’s…..we present.


Da Sunlounge (Myna Music/Bambino Recordings)

Da Sunlounge began DJ’ing in and around the Midlands deep house scene 14 years ago. In the early days he was resident of the much-respected night ‘Travelling Without Moving’, playing alongside DJ’s such as Terry Francis, Inland Knights, Peace Division, Andy Wetherall, Digs’n’Woosh and Diesel. It was at this night, he played a dub plate of one of his first production’s. Clive Henry of Peace Division heard it and immediately signed it to his label, Low Pressings.


Da Sunlounge has been producing deep house music for over 10 years, with releases to date on some of the most recognised international label’s within the industry, including: Low Pressings UK; Tango Recordings USA; Detour USA; Camouflage Rec’s CANADA; Ri’que JAPAN; Amenti Music, DoubleDown USA; GreensKeepers Music; OneThirty Recordings; Lost My Dog and of course his own label’s Myna Music and Bambino Recordings.


Myna has reached it’s 38th release and reaches it's 10th year in Jan 2011, Myna and Bambino are regarded as a leading underground label and receives continuous support from some of the world’s most renowned DJ’s such as Laurent Garnier, Nic Fantiulli , Pete Tong (Radio 1), Ian Pooley, Miguel Migs, Silicone Soul, Swirl People, Lawnchair Generals, Ashley Beadle, Inland Knights, David Duriez, The Littlemen, Mark Farina, among many others.


2010 saw Da Sunlounge tour the world with his 10 Years Of Da Sunlounge World tour, taking it to Australia, NZ, USA and spots all over Europe.


2011 and 2012 have also seen global tour dates as well as remixing for Miguel Migs Salted Music, we’re thankful this is including Sheffield, for our party.



Session9 (Kbana & Ben Maxfield)

K-Bana has been noted on the scene for some years now, his career started in the early 2000’s, DJing across some of the better clubs in the south of England.


Production wise, from 2004 he was making a name, releasing and remixing on labels including Duffnote and Guess Records. Since then, he has gone onto claim international gigs including the infamous 360 in Dubai and Guru in Georgia.


His production has also gone from strength to strength. Countless quality releases has followed, hitting credible labels such as Nightdrive Music, Deepology, Guess Music & City Life. He has collaborations with artists such as Soul Minority, Sebastian Davidson, Jon Silva, Submantra and Scope – which is pretty safe to say, is incredibly impressive.


We have been a huge fan of his music for some years and are incredibly pleased he is coming to join us in Sheffield.


His studio partner, Ben Maxfield is no stranger to house music either, far from it.


He began DJing in 1992. By 1993 Ben become a resident for 'Tonic' at The Empire Club. He was lucky enough to play alongside some of the greats such as Kevin Saunderson, John Acquaviva, Mr C, Evil Eddie Richards, Terry Francis, Craig Richards, Nick Warren, Stacey Tough & Femi B.


This led to sets at Nights for Luxuria, Gossips (Soho), Conch @ J21 (Leicester), Southampton Boat Parties, Leeds Arena, Escape (Brighton). Ben also owned a Record Shop in his home town around this time, supplying various DJ’s with weapons, helping to create and build the scene.




Last but not least, supporting our guest DJ’s we have none other than a man who is one of the key deep house DJ’s Sheffield has seen...


Desi Rocca

To think how many records Desi owns hurts my brain. He has been collecting and pushing house music in Sheffield and beyond for way before it was considered cool to be a DJ. He DJ’s on pure passion for music and it is evident in his sets.


Known locally for being resident at some of the key nights Sheffield has seen including Scuba, Act like Ya Know and Kabal, Desi has warmed up for and outplayed some of the biggest names out there, Inc Miguel Migs, Larry Heard, Doc Martin and Ben Watt ……. Desi quite rightly deserves his title of local legend.


So there you have it, 2 events on one day, Easter Sunday, 8th April 2012.


The Washington is free and will be running from 5pm until 1am.


DQ upstairs will run from 11pm until 4am with a charge of £7 before 12 and £8 after, see you there!:thumbsup:

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