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Feline Diabetes combined with other ailments


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My 17 year old cat has just in last 10 days been diagnosed with Diabetes. Additionally he has also been on Vidalta for Thyroid for 3 years, and then been on Renal tablets for last 6 months.


He is a very tough old bean but this one has shook him a bit. Lost lots of weight etc.


Have had a double app at vets who went through everything with us, his blood glucose was 29 (normal between 8 -13 apparently) at first. After 7 days on 2 units of insulin his glucose was 13.7, but its a complete nightmare getting it all right.


Normally he has a huge appetite but prone to be being finicky. Now he is supposed to have renal food (dislikes this) but as he now MUST eat before he has his insulin, its a complete nightmare, getting him to eat on demand.


He is back at vets on Wed night, so I can ask them this, but it would be nice to have some feedback from anyone who actually has a diabetic cat, or even one with other complications.


(a) How exact is the 12 hours between injections??? I mean does 30 minutes either side matter? We have been told so. The Feline Diabetes website is enough to freak you out!

(b) how much is ENOUGH when quantifying the amount of food he needs before the injection??


Any hints/tips/comments would be much appreciated.


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