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Help - Were you on Ecclesall Road Monday 26th March around 2.30 - 3pm


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Hi Kind people of Sheffield


On Monday 26th March I was parked outside La Tasca (The Tapas restaurant, next to Felacini) on Ecclesall Road, in the bus lane, facing towards Hunters Bar.


Some Kind person ran into my car, ramming it into the black polo in front of me and damaging the back end sufficiently to stop me driving it and having to spend an hour on the phone getting it towed (whilst trying to amuse my two little boys)!!


The police came out and we were very lucky that two witnesses came forward, and other shop keepers heard the crash. I can't thank the witnesses enough, they came to find me to tell me what happened.


Unfortunately they both had slightly different number plates and the person/car we thought was at fault denies it, so I am hoping that someone else saw something that will help me find the person responsible, save me having to pay my £200 excess and claiming on my own insurance, when i am not at fault!


The details are that at around 2.30 - 2.50 a small blue car about to drive past La Tasca (or possibly from around the corner) drove their passanger side into my rear driver side, please please please did anyone see anything or hear anything.


MAny thanks in advance



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