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ECLECTICA - Harrisons 1854, t'neet from about 8pm.


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Paul Sellers (host of Eclectica on Sheffield Live! 93.2FM) comes in tonight and plays a thoroughly mental set of tunes from across genres - expect synthpop, dub, electronica, krautrock, soul, psychedelia, soundtracks, funk...so on and so forth.


He left his record box here last night and we've just had a snoop. This is what you may just get tonight:


Empire Strikes Back OST

Kraftwerk - Computer World

London Audio Workshop's Sounds Astounding ("full symphony orchestra WITH SYNTHESIZERS)

Link Wray - The Lost Cadence Session '58

Small Faces

Nuggets "Original artefacts from the first psychedelic era 1965-68"

The Electric Crayon Set

Black Sabbath

Studio G Library - G-Spots ("the spacey folk electro-horror of the Studio G library")

The Rolling Stones

The Walker Brothers

Max Tundra

The Standells


...you get the picture. All excellently crafted in to a wonderful audio soundscape for your night out.


With a sun poking through this week we've also expanded our range of crisp, clean gin with some super special modern gins (Blackwoods Vintage) right back to the classics. Come in and sample them! Collins, Martinis, pink or simply with tonic.


Sithee later.

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