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2 Turtles: Free to a good home


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Two turtles for sale tank not included so you’ll need one ready set-up with water heated slightly …. I can supply a light source, a water heater and a floating structure they use to sunbathe on and dry out. basically lost interest and also have three newborn kittens to rear. Have offered them to a friend but she hasn't got back to me and time is a factor.


Time Scale – How Urgent? ASAP

Sale Amount: Free to a good home.. must go together as they have always been together

Location: s5 firth park

Age & Sex: unknown

Breed/ Mix: One yellow bellied slider and one Musk turtle

Approximate size now and full grown size the slider is approx 5 inch shell the musk is smaller at four..will grow to probaly 7 or 8 inch but there are plenty of informational sites online if you’re a novice keeper.

Viv size needed currently in a 30 inch tank but would need larger as they grow


age unknown probably a year but im guessing. The slider is fairly active always seems to be in the water…the musk totally opposite and regularly sunbathes on the floating platform.

Temperament/Any handling issues: respect needed when handling but as long as you grip them securely around the wider part of their shell then you’re fingers aren’t a temptation.


Easy to feed.. seems to like cabbage and lettuce leaves , dried insects etc. chopped worms too ive heard.


alledgedly they swim around and then slip out of the water to dry out for an hour or two. The water temperature is kept at around 25/26

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