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Plug & Soyo Live: Shields 16/04


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MON 16TH APR 2012




DOORS: 8:00 PM / PRICE: FREE / AGE: 18+

In a town where music heritage is long and illustrious stretching back over several decades, Luke Elgie, Rich Sutton & Tom Larthe met amongst the chosen few who gathered to study ‘Popular & Contemporary Music’ and hone their understanding of their chosen instruments.


Their immediate conversations discussing shared musical luminaries, made them aware of their clear desire to be in a band and to create innovative beat-driven pop music, that is both interesting and influential, as far removed from the soulless and generic music that the world finds itself incessantly subjected to today.


The band recruited the percussive and tech skills of John Martindale and the deft touch of David Williams as a 3rd guitarist and pianist, and they had completed a live sound that is far greater than the sum of all its parts, with songs that defy the listener to try and walk away without a chorus replaying, on repeat, in their mind.


Once the band recorded their first demos in the spring of 2011, they serendipitously fell into the white hot palms of a man who needs no introduction to those in music, producer/mixer Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters/ MUSE/ U2/ Two Door Cinema Club), in one way or another we all own something that Adrian Bushby has applied his logic to.


Adrian’s mixes revealed what he proclaimed to see in the demos that being the rich, intricate melodies and harmony that SHIELDS create in their music. The band self-released their debut single ‘Spires’ in the summer of 2011 which picked up support from Zane Lowe who heralded the track as his ‘Next Hype’.


The follow up release ‘White Knuckle Tight Grip’ further proving that musical comparisons are futile, an opinion shared by Radio 1’s Fearne Cotton who gave the band their first daytime national radio plays with evermore vocal support to the tracks ability to make you want to get up and dance. Wherever. Whenever.


SHIELDS remain unique and once they are in your head, they are yours to fall for.







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