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Tracing my SBT's history


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I have a 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was breed in Shiregreen and part of his pedigree includes KC registered dogs who I have found some information on, however, I would love to find out if anyone has a dog or bitch from the same litter as he is an absolute gem of a dog and it would be nice to know if the rest of the litter turned out the same. He was bred by Nicola Pearce and Laura? Faulkner and was born on 18/08/2003 he is mahogany brindle with white markings and is a big lad weighing in at 24.5Kg but is as gentle as a lamb!! Any information would be greatly appreciated.:thumbsup:

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I did this with my first Dobermann, Ailsa, I managed to track her right back to the early 1950s just by googling (werll, yahoo actually), the names on her pedigree (I suppose it helped that she came from an established line of international champions in conformation and Schutzhund so there was plenty of info out there and that was a good 8 years ago, no doubt if I was to repeat the searches today I could find even more out. Have a go, it's easy


I can't do it with Jesse because she's a rescue dobe and we don't have her pedigree, which is a shame, the great thing about being able to trace Ailsa's was that it gave us a lot of background info about life expectancy, inherited traits and potential health issues as well as being a really fascinating exercise and we found out along the way just how widespread her genes are

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