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Berdale Centres holds Language & Cultural Awareness Taster Evening


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Hola! Bonjour! Ciao!




*Are you going on holiday abroad this summer?

*Do you want to improve your language skills?

*Do you need to learn a new language for business?


Join us for an interactive Language & Cultural Awareness Taster Evening


Wednesday 21st March 2012


6pm – 9pm


Berdale Centres:19 - 33 Bells Court, Bells Square, Sheffield, S1 2FY


RSVP: O114 279 7453 / info@berdalecentres.co.uk


*Improve your foreign language skills

*Gain an insight into international culture

*Sample wine and cuisine from around the world


Viva España - Test your numerical skills with a game of Spanish Bingo


The Italian Job - Find your way around an Italian city


Trade in China - Understand Chinese culture to seal a business deal


Holiday Survival in Dubai - A guide to social etiquette in the United Arab Emirates


Bon Appétit - Order wine and nibbles in French!


Berdale Centres is a first class English and Foreign Language Training Centre. We teach all levels in over 25 languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Hindi and Chinese (Mandarin).


Salud! Acclamations! Cin cin!

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