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Lapidary skills course


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Quite a few of my customers have asked about this but I dont have the time to run one, if you look like getting one organised then send some details to my shop

gemstone goods 22 doncaster road, barnsley, s701th

Im sure there will be some interest

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Thanks for the reply, I'm looking to start courses later this year. I have about 1000 ft2 of workshop, but I need to get health and safety to give me the once over. When I get the thumbs up from them I'll be in touch. In the meantime my website http://www.poignie.com gives a taste of what I want to do.


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Impressive workshop, Surprised I didnt know you existed.

Do you offer a rock cutting service, if so, up to what size. I ask as I used to do this but have to refuse the work these days, should explain I became almost totally blind a couple of years ago, which restricts quite a lot of things I can do.

If you let me know then I can pass your number on, dont want you being pestered if its not your thing.

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Lapidary work is fine, I can cut rocks up to 6" on the 16" saw, but dont have a lap anymore, so flat grinding and polishing is not possible. Can grind and polish by hand up to 3", polishing with diamond means most materials are not a problem, so any kind of lapidary service is possible.Oh sorry to say I dont have a faceting head either, so facetting is off the list.

Land line is 0114 2796605, mob 07899 086935, any enquiries welcome. Thanks for the offer.

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