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New Classes at S3 All-Comers for people with learning difficulties

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New Classes at S3 All COMERS, taking place at the Vestry Hall, in ther S3 area.


Hello! My names David, I’m a new member of staff at the project, and I just wanted to tell you about the different classes I’ll be offering to potential students, all of which will be starting within the next week!...


Song Classes. Wednesday 10am -12pm. We’ll be learning songs, singing songs, making up new words to old songs, and writing our own songs together, using students suggestions and ideas from all students!


Rhythm classes Thursday 1pm – 3 pm- In a group, each person will learn a rhythm, and at the end of the class we’ll put them all together for an end-of-class jam!


Spanish classes- Wednesday 1pm- 3pm - students will be learning to read, write and talk basic spanish, learning slowly but surely to talk about things they like /don’t like, things they do in their free time, numbers, colours etc. and in the end they'll be learning how to follow out a simple everyday conversation with people in Spanish!


Relaxation session- every Tuesday in the Sensory Room 10am-12pm

Students will be receiving a massage, peace, relaxing music, and a good listening ear if they want to talk about anything.


Contact David at dktruran@hotmail.com

for more information



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