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Livery in Ecclesfield/ Grenoside


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Im probably looking for something that doesnt exist but does any one know of a livery yard that does a form of assisted DIY where everyone helps each other. Ive just sold my horse and am looking for another but want a yard nearer to me this time and one that I can afford. I was on one in Doncater where every one shared the jobs and did each others horses on a kind of rota system so you werent tied down to every morning and evening. It worked brilliantly.

Please let me know of anything.

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There are some very friendly DIY and mixed yards in the Ecclesfield area. Suggest you actually drop by and chat to them, get a good idea if they will suit you. You have to make your own little network group though, or pay for help. There is a yard behind Grenoside equestrian - not sure of the proper name - where I have some friends, that is DIY and very friendly with off road hacking but no school. Woodland trails at Oughtibridge has school and off road hacking. but I don't know what its like on the yard myself. Oaklodge at High Green is very friendly and supportive, has a school and same local hacking but some road work. Whitley Hall where I keep mine is lovely, two schools and local hacking but no DIY. Also Check out Prior Royd Farm they have off-road hacking and DIY and there are some other little private yards advertising on preloved in the area. You may have to go on a waiting list for some yards so may be worth sussing it out before you buy the horse. Good luck. BTW there is a local riding club, which meets at Grenoside equestrian may - sept, maybe see you there one day! Good luck anyway.

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