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Missing - Black Dior Coat from Soyo 4/2/12

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Hi members,


I was in Soyo last night (4/2/12) with some friends. We had our coats in our arms but decided to put it down on the centre couch while I went to the bar. When I return to my friends, I noticed my coat was underneath my friend's jackets. There were people sat down on the couch at the time; Didn't stay in there long & when we decided to move on, I noticed my coat had gone!


It's black, with black soft furs on the rim of the wide collar & on the end rims of the sleeves. It has a silk silver lining with Dior written all over it. It's very distinctive, nipped in to the waist with strap in the back with Dior button clipped to the side; it also has zips, clip on buttons with Dior written on them. Someone could have taken it by mistake, but if anyone has seen it last night, Please let me know & I've had it a long time, its not genuine so its more of a sentimental value and would reward for a safe return.




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