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Girl Guiding Sheffield (open to girls aged 5 to 25)

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Girl Guiding is an offical organisation first founded in 1910. 2 years ago we celebrated 100 years of Girl Guiding and the newest addition to Guiding; Rainbows are celebrating 25 years.


We meet at the Crescent Community Centre on Firshill Crescent.

At the moment we do have vacancies in all groups. Please look for the age(s) that are relevant to you for the group name and times.


Rainbows- This is for girls aged 5-7. The meeting starts at 4:30 till 5:45 and is one pound per week. We do know that some girls join school aged 4, so if they are in main stream school then we will allow them to join aswell so they are able to be with friends. However bringing a friend is not compulsary as friends are made easily and we often work together. The pound a week subs goes towards snack, crafts, badges and games.


Brownies- This is for girls aged 7-10. The meeting starts at 6:00 till 7:15 and is also one pound per week. Brownies has the same friendly atmosphere as Rainbows, only the games, badges and crafts are aimed their age.


Guides- This is for girls aged 10-14. The meeting starts at 7:30 till 8:50 and is two pounds per week. Once again Guides has the same friendly atmoshpere as Brownies, only the games, badges and crafts are aimed at their age.


Rangers (Also can be known as Senior Section) is for girls aged 14-25. The meeting starts at 7:30 till 9:00. The meetings are once every two weeks (or alternate weeks) and the girls have decided to pay a lump sum of 8 pounds per term so that there is one easy payment rather than paying every two weeks.


If your child would like to come to a meeting, don't worry about the costs as we run a 'try before buy' type policy which allows the first meeting to be free, to see if your child enjoys it or not.


We go on many trips. Rainbows and Brownies go on day trips. Guides run an abroad holiday once every two years. In 2007, 2009 and 2011 the Guides and rangers travelled and enjoyed a 10 day holiday in Switzerland and in 2013 they are going to Austria. Rangers tend to join the Guides, but also conduct meetings outside of the meeting place and Rangers are encouraged to go to guiding weekends where they can be slected to go on international trips that are put together to make a difference (for example a few years ago a group of Rangers and leaders from all over the UK travelled to Chili and rebuilt their guide hut that had been destroyed)


If your child would like to attend, or if you would like more information, then please come along to a meeting. Everyone is welcome. Or you could call 0114 2436902. If you do not get through straight away, please leave a message stating why you are calling and your childs name, date of birth and contact details so the relevant leader will be able to get back to you.


All of our leaders are CRB checked and our meetings are in a safe meeting place.

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