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  1. not at all, but we may have found someone! If you want to pm/email your details though, I'll get in touch if things don't pan out. Just.
  2. Looking for a new drummer to join 3 piece punk rock band. We've been on hiatus for almost a year but have a full set written and just need a new drummer to get back up and running. Nothing overly technical, as long as you're relatively fast! Age not an issue, current members 30 something! Influences: Bouncing Souls, Off With Their Heads, Copyrights, Naked Raygun, Misfits, Jawbreaker, Leatherface et al. rough demos can be heard at our myspaz: /shootfromthehiprock PM or email acomediandied@yahoo.co.uk TA Just
  3. Looking to join or form a Punk rock/Hardcore band. Open to most sub genres, pop, melodic HC, skate punk etc. I'm 32, have played in various bands. I play bass, averagely, and sing, averagely! I have no delusions of being a rock star I just want to play and have fun! Influences include older stuff like Black Flag, Misfits, Bad Religion, Naked Raygun, Peg Boy, Minor Threat, Replacements etc as well as modern stuff like Hot Water Music, Dillinger Four, Alkaline Trio, Copyrights, New Bruises, Off With Their Heads et al. any takers drop me a email acomediandied@yahoo.co.uk Ta Just
  4. What genre are you wanting to play? We've toyed with the idea of a second guitarist, we play punk. Ta Just
  5. as it says on the tin! We're called Shoot From The Hip, we've been together for a couple of years and have just started to kick it up a gear. We have a solid 35 minute set written and would ideally want to record in the non too distant future. Unfortunately our drummer has moved back to his mother land and left us hanging! So at the moment we're just guitar and bass, both doing vox. We're both in our early 30's but age isn't a massive problem, as long as you're easy going and willing! we have a few crap recordings on our myspaz - search shootfromthehiprock (the forum won't let me post a hyperlink) they're a tad ropey, just live practice room grabs, but they'll give you a fee for the style we play, fast, sloppy, poppy punk rock! drop me a message/reply on here or via the Myspace. Cheers for looking, Just.
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