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  1. hi, sorry if not correct area... did try search the trade thread but didn't find anything there .... I'm after a handy person for don't inside small jobs ...s8 area many thanks Dan
  2. hi Richard, thanks for reply ... yes it is tricky, esp when starting with websites etc ......really like that waterfall pic cheers dan
  3. oops! ...thanks ...corrected that
  4. hi all, i've just started setting up my own website (mainly to see how it is done etc) ....and wondered if anyone out there need a site setting up? ....first person interested would be for free ...as im just starting out if you are interested reply here and i can pm some details to you ... or pm me many thanks dan
  5. hi, im wanting to get some rear, flush sensors fitted to my car ... before i reverse into a wall! ....anyone had this done recently? south/central sheff would need to be colour coded etc ..... just the beeping type thanks dan
  6. hi. looking for a good dj and dance floor this Friday in town centre... struggling to find anything ? especially after house, trance etc many thanks Dan
  7. ah ok thanks. yes i know of that one.. used to use it years back. cheers
  8. hi all, i know there has been a post on this topic a few years back, but was after more recent thoughts im looking for a decent garage to fix up my aging mk5 golf derv - ideally needs to be in s8 ish area - and on main bus route too if i need to drop car etc earlier posts have said that Meersbrook Service Station used to be good thanks dan
  9. in town centre yesterday I had lots of problems making and receiving calls. couldn't even get my voice mail at times :-( ...just saw the past above.. that explains it
  10. amazing.. full signal today! that's a first :-D
  11. yeah i suspect that is the case. think other networks have done similar
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