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  1. https://uk.patronbase.com/_RotherhamTheatres/Productions/0455/Performances Fantastic musical for all the family coming to Rotherham Civic Theatre March 20th-24th.Based on the well loved characters from Dr Suess, with fantastic music, this will be a real treat for children and adults alike. Promises to be a stunning production. Get your tickets now!
  2. Can anyone recommend a good behaviourist/trainer for some 1:1 sessions for our 2 yr old border collie? We're in Rotherham but could travel Basically he is a super dog except for his issues on a lead. He becomes very reactive to other dogs and so far I have had not much luck in solving this. Off lead though he is great. Loves meeting new dogs, will happily approach and initiate play (if allowed to, no I don't let him just run up to random dogs!) and is really friendly and not at all afraid. Has good recall. Gets on really well with our older dog who is 7. Is very friendly with all people.Great at home.Good basic obedience. But put him on a lead and then try walking him near other dogs and he turns into something demented. It is really getting me down because it limits where we can take him. I also wanted to do agility with him but had to stop going because of this. He does get loads of exercise and I can exercise him in quiet areas etc but it would be nice to go to slightly busier places (eg the park with the kids)sometimes. I am looking for someone that can do 1:1 sessions, preferably out and about somewhere. ONLY people that use positive training methods please. No domination/pack/alpha stuff and no harsh methods. If anyone knows anyone please can you let me know. I am getting deperate. Thanks
  3. oh, thanks....will have to wait another month then!
  4. anyone know yet for sure when this opens? Haven't driven that way for a while...but was rumoured to be August?
  5. Thanks for that. Not sure why it was there tonight then....must be just setting up. Means I can take my dd for her bday on Friday....she'll love that! Thanks!
  6. spotted the fun fair when diving through today. Anyone know how long it is here for? (not sure when it arrived, I don't go through very often)
  7. Hi all I have been running with my lovely 3 yr old dog for just over a year. SHe is super fit and loves it! (I am slightly less fit but getting better!) I was wondering if anyone knew of any cani X clubs/activities/events in Sheffield or Rotherham (or South Yorkshire really) as I would really love to give this a go. Have done some searching but cant seem to find anything that isnt way down south..... any suggestions much appreciated.
  8. in fact today is my bday and I can honestly say that realisinig Id left booking too late has spoiled my entire day! stupid me LOL
  9. oh, me too!! I am gutted:shakes:! I had promised my kids they could do the fun run,(having watched me in lots of runs!) but stupidly thought it wouldn't fill up, so left it late ( hey as a busy working mum of 6 kids I leave everything late lol) just went to sign up and its full:sad: My 6 yr old (who has Aspergers) has especially been looking forward to it for ages and doesnt do disappointment well! not looking forward to breaking the bad news! I'm so sad! if anyone has any places they dont need PLEASE let me know! (would love 4 ideally but any will do!) TIA
  10. ok, thanks. Is this the same as the Digital Region thing available through Ripwire? is it likely to be summer before this is available too? according to their site go-live latest date is March 2011?
  11. well, no new cabinets have appeared, but the signs on the roadworks said something about providing south yorkshire with faster broadband, and something about european funding IIRC so may be something to do with that project? But this was really about 10 months ago, and nothing else has happened since. Is there a way to see if and when they may be thinking about providing that in our area? Or anyone know????
  12. could get regular broadband from virgin...not the fast one though...
  13. LOL yes clearly not 500 MB meant obviously 0.5 MB (on a good day !) Thanks for the recommendations... Last year they dug up lots of road between treeton and woodhouse exchange, supposedly upgrading the phonelines to allow faster broadband....1 year later I'm still being quoted 1mb as fastest possible available speed...so what was that all about...anyone know who understands these things???
  14. Hi, I am about to change my broadband provider, and would love to hear from anyone on the Beaumont Park estate in Treeton - tell me if you have deecnt reliable broadband, who with, and what speed do you get? We have a lot of probs with broadband due to 1. distnace from the exchange (woodhouse) and 2. the wrong type of phone lines. We have just cancelled with Orange after 11 months of shocking service, with the internet dropping at least once/week and resulting in hours (and £££) of phonecalls to infuriating overseas phone centres. Have also tried talk talk previously and will NEVER try them again. Would prefer not BT due to lots of grief and poor service when we had phone with them. Have been considering Plusnet, or maybe SKY as would quite like sky TV too... need a package with home phone and free eve/wkend calls. Not massive usage per month, but highish as have 2 teenagers, me and hubby all using internet! MUST have decent customer service, and a speed faster than 500 mb would be a bonus LOL (currently too slow for even watching iplayer!) any suggesstions?????
  15. also curious.... we were doing school run this morning...went up from Catcliffe towards Orgreave...road seemed fine, but then police car stopping cars in opposite direction...odd School run this evening came up past Morrisons but then road close going towards Orgreave...also had to divert via parkway and to Handsworth that way... Seriously hoping its back to normal by Monday!!
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