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  1. Hi Barry how yr keepin old lad, I might have just the thing it's a shop on a busy main rd for more details give me a call 07950818472 John C
  2. I've been reading with interest about small business networking, a lot of people seem keen to attend a networking meetlng, a working lunch if you like, I was with the BNI for a few years and found it very helpful but also a bit demanding and very expensive, what would be good is a meeting that suited all, venue, time, informal but serious and reasonable priced...so lets start one! John 07950 818472 abneybuilding@blueyonder.co.uk
  3. Hi, Lola2 is right ab basements are very good, but if there busy give me a call 07950818472 check out my profile on mybuider.com thanks John
  4. Hi Jane91, this sounds interesting had a few idea's along those lines myself, give me a call 07950818472 John.
  5. lHi, I'm in the same position got some great ideas but I really could do with a partner, maybe we ought to do some brainstormin give me a cal on 07950818472 thanks John
  6. thanx for all that, he's in a right state is there any long term damage?
  7. Can any one tell me anything about this street drug Ketamin, I think I've spelt it right, my son confessed to taking it after behaving really weird.
  8. Give me a call 07950818472 I hate to hear of builders giving the trade a bad name!
  9. Hi, I'd be appy to give you a quote 32yrs in the building trade, I can give ref and check out my profile on mybuiler.com or give me a call on 07950 818472, abneybuiling@blueyonder.co.uk thanks John.
  10. Hi, would be happy to give you a quote, 30+ yrs in building can offer ref etc 07950818472
  11. Hi, 30+ yrs in building trade, would be happy to give you a quote, done plenty of loft work and can offer references 07950818472 check out my profile on mybuilder.com
  12. Hi, Interesting comments from every side, 30+ yrs in the building trade carpenter/builder can offer references on loft conversions, extensions of all shapes and sizes, traditional cut roofing, stonework, it's a very competative and sometimes stressful market but I do it because we care, we're losing too much, give me a call I'd be happy to help 07950818472
  13. Not far off, If your thinking of flat roof dormer consider fibre glass system, it's not cheap but it's the best by far, I'd be happy to give you a quote, advice etc 07950818472
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