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  1. It was two full days filming, we don’t have much say to what’s shown & what’s kept for the program, we’ve had lots of lovely comments from Sheffield folk.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000ryp6/countryfile-ellies-home-turf This is the BBC iPlayer link to the episode, it’s 15 minutes in: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000ryp6/countryfile-ellies-home-turf
  3. For those not wanting to visit an actual food shop because they may be in a high risk group & vulnerable there is a vending machine shop that’s opened up, it’s open 8am - 8pm everyday. it offers an option of food shopping without coming in to contact with anyone. Milk, butter, pies, sausage & bacon, honey & jams, eggs, cream, orange juice etc. it’s on bus 61 & 62 Route (hill top rd stop) LOCATION: Rye Land / Hill Top road, Dungworth. S6 6GW. GOOGLE MAPS: https://goo.gl/maps/pwE2Hy5LmW8e5waA9 What3Words Address: https://w3w.co/stored.gravy.serves This 3 word address refers to an exact 3m x 3m location. Tap the link or enter the 3 words into the free what3words app to find it.
  4. Definitely we’ve still got bottles with the 4 digit Sheffield number on !. My grandad (Hector) died earlier this year & we had a reprint of one of his most famous milk bottle designs done for folk to take from his funeral to remember him, there’s also loads of them in daily use on the Stannington milk round. its a shame he didn’t get to see the glass bottles in a supermarket, he was really proud to see the dairy farm he started passed on to a 3rd generation.
  5. We collect them everyday wash them & reuse them, exactly the same as our milk round. We have bottles which have been used everyday for over 20 years. We collect them everyday wash them & reuse them, exactly the same as our milk round. We have bottles which have been used everyday for over 20 years. the University of Sheffield studied it & after 13 used glass is better than plastic, this was a whole life study birth to death of the packaging plus the extra diesel used to transport the heavier glass.
  6. The Co-op on Ecclesall road asked if we could deliver them milk in glass bottles to offer shoppers a plastic free option so we have done.
  7. All our lambs are now in the front field if you’d like to visit them, we have made them a lamb park with a bridge & slide they love to use. https://images.app.goo.gl/AzUokztYEwsh2YAdA Visiting times 11am - 5pm Wed, Fri,Sat,Sun
  8. We had triplet lambs born last night & they will hopefully come up in to the pens in the yard over the weekend. The triplet lambs are now in the front yard, we do allow bottle feeding but it totally depends if they want feeding when your here, so no guarantees.
  9. We have had our first lambs born this week on the farm, folk are welcome to come & visit them when we are open. 11am - 5pm Wed / Fri / Sat / Sun Its free to come & visit our lambs & we have a toilet, hand washing & hand sanitiser, lambs will be being born for the next month or so. Our Cow Molly Farm, Hill Top Rd, Dungworth, Sheffield, S6 6GW
  10. We are happy to supply milkmen if you find one or you can pick our milk up here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=en&hl=en&mid=1953O9jDigdPadXquTQ15kadek3M&ll=53.393782922650615%2C-1.5130740645996639&z=13 Our cows come in from grazing in the fields in the evening in to our milking parlour we then pasteurise & bottle the milk through the night & deliver it out from 3am making it the freshest milk in Sheffield (and actually the only milk produced & bottled in Sheffield too now). The milk in supermarkets goes from farm to processing plant to distributor to supermarket hubs & then to local stores so its never as fresh as getting it from the dairy farmer & you tend to loose the natural sweetness too.
  11. We deliver to doorsteps in Stannington & Loxley milkman@ourcowmolly.co.uk Our milk is now the only milk produced & bottled in Sheffield so if it’s not milk that’s come from our farm it definitely won’t be local milk, I know many milkmen claim the milk they are offering is local but there’s no other milk bottleing plants in Sheffield only ours. We are more than happy to supply milkmen with Sheffield milk if they want it.
  12. There's definetly not too much milk being produced, our dairy farm is the last one still producing & bottling it's own milk in Sheffield now. They like to say there's too much milk to enable them to cut the price they pay for it, the UK imports liquid milk on a daily basis as we are no longer self sufficient in milk. ---------- Post added 15-04-2015 at 07:28 ---------- We deliver our Sheffield milk the SAME DAY it's come from our cows & have done for over 60 years, supermarket milk is often a week from cow to shelf , by which stage the 9 essential vitamins & nutrients have deteriorated, you want your milk as fresh as you can get it. ---------- Post added 15-04-2015 at 07:34 ---------- Just for interest where would you presume their milk came from ?
  13. We only have lambs each year because folk in Sheffield want to buy them to eat every year, you might not agree with folk choosing to eat meat but if nobody wanted them we wouldn't have any lambs on our farm.
  14. Thanks, it's a great flavour. ---------- Post added 14-04-2015 at 21:23 ---------- 16 flavours of ice cream to scoop, Yorkshire highland beef, round green farm venison, moss valley pork, Sheffield honey, eggs & potatoes, we go for quality not quantity & try to support other Sheffield farms produce. ---------- Post added 14-04-2015 at 21:28 ---------- If there are lambs in the newborn enclosure then yes, but if they are out in the field no. If the ewe is stamping her front foot then your upsetting her, (just to give you a guide of how the sheep feels).
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