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  1. Brilliant , I only live in s6 so lane top is 5 mins away I’ll give them a try , thanks
  2. Hi thanks both for replies , yes I know most fisheries have open matches but I have very limited match experience , just fishing a couple of junior matches when I was a teen. just wondered if there were any fishing clubs anyone was aware of to get my feet wet and fish against regular faces and enjoy the banter , as I understand club matches are slightly more relaxed than open matches , but I could be wrong on that
  3. Hi all , im looking to get into match/club fishing , does anyone know of any angling clubs in Sheffield?
  4. i went to pipworth school gym a few years ago now n they used to have young uns n keep them seperate from the older kids and adults.Also brendan ingles used to do young kids on a saturday mornin for an hour or two. And what is it will the know it all the do gooders, boxing teaches young kids discipline n keeps them out of trouble.If more kids went to a gym n kept active then stand on street corners and cause trouble then this country would be a better place to live. Didnt you hear a couple of years ago brendan ingle takes the kids round the communtity and help with things ie sweepin the streets. Through experience i have seen the most unruly kids go from not been able to be controlled to been disciplined all becuase when the kids start causing trouble and misbehaving there usually told they cant box there anymore.
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