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  1. 19 minutes ago, Delbow said:


    It will be true in Darnall because it has a high immigrant population. In Ireland, it's Irish people who cause most of the problems because Ireland is mostly full of Irish people. In Russia, it's mostly Russians who cause all the problems and do all the crime because they don't like letting other people in to do it instead. In Liverpool, organised crime is heavily white dominated and they have a bigger gun problem than a knife problem, for reasons I don't understand. 


    Poverty generates crime, the way to reduce crime is by reducing poverty. The Cleveland police area has one of the worst, possibly the worst, violent crime rate in the country and it's 96% white. It's also - surprise, surprise - a very poor area.

    That said it seems more of the drug crimes are controlled by immigrants, also look at the grooming gangs, it's been going on for years but again our police don't want to be classed as racist, let people call them whatever they want, just arrest the detestable Asian men.

    If Cleveland has a violent crime rate and you quote it's 96% white but who's committing the crimes, it's easy money that generates crime not just poverty as people just don't want to work.

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  2. On 14/05/2023 at 09:51, pattricia said:

    Bad or what ? And not just because we came next to the bottom. Singers crawling about on the floor, bawling their heads off, women with claw like nails ! Thought I was on LSD ! Where are the proper singers ? I switched over to Dan Snow exploring Tutankhamens tomb. Think it was a repeat but anything was better than that bawling lot !

    I agree wholeheartedly, why can't they just dress normal and stand before a microphone and just sing? why all the cavorting around like someone possessed 

  3. Further to my previous post, look at photos u10411 & u10412 on picture Sheffield.


    Southern and Richardson were cutlery manufacturers. The power for driving the grinding wheels and other machinery in the works was provided by a large Lancashire boiler, built between two blocks of shops. The boiler was due to be dispensed with and a powerful gas engine had been purchased to replace it. A leakage into one of the flues, however, was followed by an explosion, the effects being felt in two directions. Seven men and boys were killed in the explosion: -





    Harry Dickinson, caretaker to the firm, aged 55





    William Ward, aged 27, 8 court, 1 house, Bath Street





    Herbert Arthur Lickfold, aged 24, until recently in the employ of Messrs Hattersley and Davidson





    Albert Wharton, aged 15, 71 Burnt Tree Lane





    John Whitehead, aged 54, 26 Shepherd Street





    Frank Anderson, aged 15, 4 court, 3 house, Burnt Tree Lane





    John Ellis, aged 40, carter, in the employ of Messrs Doncaster and Sons.





    An inquest was held, the result being a verdict of accidental death in relation to all the victims, who had all died as a result of the injuries caused by the explosion, which itself was caused by a defective water gauge. No person was blamed for it.

  4. On 04/11/2007 at 22:04, Plain Talker said:

    The one's I can remember are:-




    no 1 ran from city to longley,

    no 2/ 59 circular


    no 4 ran from millhouses via ecclesall/ psalter lane to wincobank/firth park replaced by 3/4 city to millhouses, now to be replaced by 4- millhouses-meadow hall


    6- bradfield/dungworth

    8/9 inner circle withdrawn then reintroduced as the no 10


    13/14 city to wisewood


    17 totley brook to attercliffe/ parson cross hillsboro'


    20 southey green


    22 southey to gleadless valley (hemsworth)


    23/32 woodhouse via woodthorpe/ richmond (became 223 and 232)


    24 totley/ millhouses to atterclifffe (replaced by 97/ 97a then 97/8)


    26 city to beauchief


    27 pond street to dyke-vale road (hackenthorpe) via arbourthorne/ manor top


    28 city to herdings via east bank raod and newfield green (replaced by 47/8 extension)


    30 woodhouse


    31 lower walkley


    32 see above(23)


    33 shirecliffe to hemsworth


    36 city to batemoor


    38/9 upwell st/ margate drive area


    41 hackenthorpe


    42 grenoside to lowedges


    43 city- jordanthorpe


    47/48 city-shiregreen


    51 lodge moor - herdings (changed to charnock from herdings)


    52 handsworth -crookes


    53 grenoside-lowedges


    56 Wybourn circle


    57 Stocksbridge


    60 City- hallamshire hospital-fulwood (now the 40/41/2)


    63- city-birley via manor top and base green discontinued, replaced with 94)


    64- city-charnock (rebranded as no 6 which went from manor top to city via arbourthorne, then to darnall/ littledale)


    65 Oughtibridge

    69- sheffield to rotherham


    70 circular norfolk park-manor top-darnall-attercliffe-city (was altered to 70/71/771, but replaced with the no 7 which did shirecliffe-darnall)


    72 limited service (only a few a day, at peak hours) charnock


    75/76 lowedges-sheffield lane top


    77 parson cross high green

    79 as above

    80 high green


    81/2/3/4 middlewood- bents green/ ecclesall


    86 stannington


    88 fulwood- hillsboro (can't remember all of route. think it turned to malin bridge on holme lane)


    91/4/8 grenoside to handsworth/asda via arbourthorne manor, richmond college (discontinued, no replacement)


    95 Intake- walkley


    97 Nether Edge Hospital- southey green via longley

    The 71 route ran from Manor Top via Prince of Wales road to Darnall, Attercliffe and on to town in the fifties and sixties.

    The 92 route ran from Manor Park centre in the fifties and on to Pond Street later it was extended to a new terminus at the Crossways on the Manor Estate.

  5. 1 hour ago, SheffieldForum said:

    You’re right about the pedestal and the griffins, but the Crimean Monument WASN’T Victoria and it didn’t end up in Endcliffe.


    The Crimean Monument was a figure of Victory. It got moved in the roadworks at Moorhead to the Botanical Gardens where is sat for a while (off of it’s pedestal) and when the gardens were refurbished it was moved into storage, where it has remained since (despite a promise to relocate it within 2 years of its removal).




    Sorry the statue was Peace.

  6. The column is now part of a play area at Upperthorpe and has been for years, the mythical animals  outside the Poundland crossing on High Street were cast from the originals from the Crimea monument, I don't know what happened to the cannons that were there, Victoria ended up in Endcliffe park.

    The council don't give a toss about the history and heritage of Sheffield, all they can say is " knock it down and build student flats "




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