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  1. Thanks scottf could you justify your opinion please? Hmm, we have around £1000pm to spend. I think the biggest issue is to get any viewing at all! We send around ~150 applications in last 4 weeks and secured only 2 viewings. Market is insane ATM.
  2. Hello, Me and my family are planning to relocate from Buckinghamshire to Sheffield. We recently had a baby and we want a bigger house and as the rental prices for 3 beds in SE are insane we decided to try North of England. We've found a lovely house in the Southey Green area, just south of Buchanan Road. We don't know Sheffield very well, apart from the few visit during camping trips to peaks which we really enjoyed! Can we have some opinions about how the place is in 2022? We, unfortunately, saw few bad opinions about the area which got us worried, with some people even saying to "AVOID at all costs". We are not looking for anything fancy but we don't want to end up in an unsafe, deprived neighbourhood. Thank you for all the help!
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