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  1. I also spent 2 weeks at Fairthorne (the one on the Moors) in the early 50's. My mum had been in hospital and I had taken my younger brother to the school clinic at Lowfields and was asked by the doctor if I would like to have a little holiday! I remember writing a letter home to my mum saying that it was a nice place but there wasn't a lot to eat (in those days I had hollow legs!) but my mum never got this letter! But after that, I kept getting urged to "have some more" so I can only assume that the letter wasn't sent. I can also remember being asked to go with another kid to Sheffield downtown to a doctor or something (can't really remember) as I was one of the big girls! I think that referred to my age and not my size as I was a skinny devil at that time (my how times change!) But I do remember enjoying spending the time out in the fresh air and thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks for resurrecting those memories. Brandygirl.
  2. That is so awful! A friend of our's went through the same thing last year - they'd just been married a year. She was overdue 2 weeks and was told to go to the hospital on the Tuesday morning if nothing had happened. When she got there, the tests showed that there was no heartbeat and she had to go through labour until the little girl was born early Thursday morning. I cannot understand why they put you through labour - why can't they just do a C section? But the good news is that last week, our friends became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy - he's gorgeous! Aidan weighed in healthy with a beautiful full head of dark hair! Hopefully your sister will have the same wonderful outcome but the grieving process will be awful for her in the meantime. Give her a hug from me. Brandygirl.
  3. Remember going when Tony Christie recorded an album - I think the night before New Year's Eve but can't remember the year! Still have the album (on vinyl). Recently got a CD from my sister in law in England for Christmas so got to relive the memories, But it didn't have "So Deep is the Night" and of course he's unknown over here so can't buy any here. But usedto enjoy the chicken in a basket with the salad garne (limp lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato!).
  4. I can remember the name, Maureen Hartley, but not the face (either old age or senility, not sure which!). I know there was also another girl who worked the vans at the same time as me, her name was, I think, Nora, but can't remember her last name either. Gee! And until last year, I was in Toronto!
  5. Hello Tosh. The Andrews took over the house after we left. I remember the Cantrells very well, Josie was about my age and Ross was about the same age as my younger brother. I've not been back to Forster Road since my younger brother died in 1998 - didn't recognize it so left very quickly to keep my memories intact. We didn't have a lot of money but we certainly had fun!
  6. Tosh, I also lived on Foster Road but before your time. We lived at 19 and the Waterhouses lived at 21. We left there around 1954/55.
  7. When I was 15 I used to work on the Taggy's Vans. Saturday afternoons I would go around with a driver (Roy?) and sometimes Mabel. Then on Sunday morning I worked in the shop on Gleadless Road. Closed that up and went to the house for my Sunday dinner cooked by Edith and then walked up to Heeley Green to the van (can't remember the name of the street that it was parked on the corner) and stayed there until I'd sold out. If I sold out early, Roy would come by and bring more. If I sold out later, then they'd lock up the van and take me on the van with them until they'd sold out! I thought I was so rich because I got 30 shillings for the weekend - a great fortune at that time (1958/59) when my weekly wage was only just over two pounds! Thanks for the memories, Cynthia.
  8. Applegrim, I remember all of those names, they were all in my class! My brother put me onto this site yesterday and sent a P.M. to you on my behalf. I'd love to hear from you, I think I know who you are - did we used to go and get our pennorth of sweeties from the corner shop? Did you used to call for me on your way to school? Hopefully will hear from you soon. Brandygirl.
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