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  1. What ridiculous injuries have you had? I would say getting hit in the head with a cricket ball at my local park when I was on the side lane as the bowler completely messed up his bowl.
  2. Ricardo123

    Know them or don't know them?

    Simple , the above user will name a celeb/fictional character and you have to say whether you have heard of them or not then suggest another person I will start Joey Essex
  3. Ricardo123

    What did you last take to the tip?

    Or the recycling centre The last thing I took was an old TV
  4. Ricardo123

    Stupid Ways you have wasted money?

    I will start £20 on a game I discovered 30 minutes later wasnt compatible with my PS2
  5. Ricardo123

    Been There or Not been there?

    Simple , the above user will name a place and you say whether you have been there or not and suggest another place I will start Birmingham
  6. Ricardo123

    Movies ending in A to Z

    the reserve of the normal A to Z format , you name a movie that ends with the letter rather than starts with a letter so for example i will name a movie that ends with an A and you have to name one that ends with a B i will start Mamma Mia
  7. Ricardo123

    Places ending in A to Z

    the reserve of the normal A to Z , instead it has to end with the letter that follows the above letter so for example i will start with a place that ends with an A and you have to come up with one that ends in a B i will start Austria
  8. Ricardo123

    A to Z of This or That?

    Very simple both options start with the same letter I will start with A Arsenal or Aston Villa?
  9. and give another opinion i will start Sheffield Uniteds greatest ever player is Billy Sharp
  10. to see how well everyone knows each other i will start Who is my favourite Sheffield United player?
  11. Ricardo123

    Car vs Car (winner stays on)

    i will start Honda Jazz vs Nissan Micra
  12. I Will start Minecraft vs Call of Duty
  13. i will start Homer Simpson vs Brian Griffin
  14. Ricardo123

    Movie vs Movie - winner stays on

    I will start Titanic vs Shrek

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