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  1. I've reached my goal weight but need to tone so that's my new year project.
  2. I sympathise with the public sector but I also think that all these cuts happened in the private sector three years ago. Everyone's feeling the pinch, not just the public sector. The difference is that the private sector doesnt tend to strike cuz it gets them nowhere (apart from that one step closer to redundancy).
  3. autotrader is a good place to research, then you can get an idea of how much your chosen car is worth
  4. I'd go to howdens over wickes any day. Or you got just get new doors and tops, if the actual units on your current kitchen are ok.
  5. my partner got a parking ticket when our son was blue lighted to hospital. I was in the ambulance with our 2 year old son (he'd had a fit at nursery). My partner had followed in the car but there were no parking spaces left at the hospital at all, and obviously he was very concerned about our little boy. So he parked in a disabled bay - this isn't something that either of us would usually do but he thought the circumstances warranted it. He still bought a ticket. Anyway, afterwards we found that we'd got a fine. We appealed it and they agreed to waive it so if the OP contacts them they may let them off.
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