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  1. Iv had one that got blocked by an asian lady that on purposely ignored me ... I never got the money back just dunno how ppl can do this
  2. No!! I dont use a spell checker & genuinely wanted to know why people are so mean
  3. im gettin rather annoyed at not bein able to trust ppl on ere especially with phones !! what do the sellfish cold hearted people gain ? yh a new phone wooopididooo !! they should make it more safe on here . so that people know what there buying !! im just annoyed by it id never block a phone that person may have bought it for there child for there child to be really gutted wen they noticed its blocked !! discusting!!!!!!!!
  4. yes the wind was bad ere i fort windows were gnna come thru
  5. its unfair !! y do u have 2 have change ? its stupid
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