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  1. But social interaction at a young age comes from school. How are you supposed to teach a child social interaction? It's a natural process.


    Well, my kids don't get much social interaction from their school. Being confined to a classroom most of the day, where they have to be quiet most of the time reading and writing or listening to the teacher tell them how things are and the treachers are just repeating exactly what they have themselves had repeated to them, day in day out. This is how it is kids. Do as you're told kids. It's for your own good kids. Believe everything we tell you kids, as we believe everything they have told us. That is what school is about. This is not what I myself call social interaction.


    Our kids learn much better interaction when they're with us. Socialising with a varied cast of charaters of different ages, doing diverse things in their natural enviroment is the best medicene. Builds confidence and the ability to stand up for themselves as positive and creative human beings.


    Now I'm off to bed, definately this time!



  2. But it's easy enough to find different statues. All them are written (even if it is a perculier way of writing them) in the same way, so surely once you learn the lingo they're easier to comprehend? If that's the case then isn't it upto the person who wants to be liberated to learn the lingo instead of placing blame with the powers that be?


    Why would they want to hide it from us by using another language? It's not like it's Latin or Greek or French. It looks like English, it reads like English but the words mean totally different things than what they mean in common English. This is an obvious trap.


    There is no just cause for obsfucation. It is for deceptions purposes only!


    See you on the morrow. Goodnight folks.


    Be happy, have fun, stay free.



  3. EU legislation can impact on UK statute legislation only, because the UK corporation has consented through signing various treaties, delaing in private rules, given the force of law via more legislation and operating under the colour of law ;)


    Nothing more!


    It cannot be the Law of the Land.


    'Governments must obey the law, for the law makes government.'


    Notice how it doesn't say Acts or statutes or rules or legislation makes the government, but Laws.


    Laws are not made by polititions. The system doesn't work that way!

  4. Wouldn't the EU have the right to deport anyone who didn't follow civil law?


    EU civil law is not Law over here mate. EU civil law is rules of a private contract between private corporations, via treaties. They are not the Laws of England. It is not the Law of the Land here in England.


    Therefore the Eu has no right to deport anyone who doesn't agree with it, clearly!


    Do your research into it and you will find the truth. You really do need to learn the difference between what is legal and what is lawfull, it will help you a great deal.

  5. So am I right in saying that in the UK, although it isn't advertised, anyone is able to become a freeman without much conflict - so - If the UK were to join the EU, a potential freeman would find it more problematic to become "liberated" and may even have to use brute force? Wouldn't the EU have the right to deport anyone who didn't follow civil law?


    So you know the EU is a fascist dictatorship by wanting to 'deport' anyone who doesn't agree with it. The education system that you think is all so much more important than homeschooling is dumbing kids down, and by the time they are grown up, physically only, they believe eveything polititions tell them, including the 'bull****' that they have to abide by the European Union. If they don't conform they will be deported, to what fate one can only guess. That's the education system for you, indoctrinating kids to submit to fascism.


    This is why home schooling is far better than state corporatised education. At least at home you can teach your kids to be free thinkers. Schools won't do that for anyone!


    The problem is not the EU. The problem is with the polititions over here pretending that we need the EU. It's good for us. Yeah right!

  6. I think I'm right in saying that the EU doesn't have a common law like the UK does - it's more of a civil law. If you're talking in terms of a future when a "freeman society" exists, what happens if the UK becomes part of the EU. Surely that would be an end to the freeman society?


    The UK is a private corporation, not a land mass. It is a fiction. The EU is a union of corporations and they too require your consent, and they get it through you consenting to be governed by the polititions. Revoke your consent to the polititions and consent is revoked to the European Union. If it comes to brute force, anyone can make you do something at the barrel of a gun!

  7. Driver's licence ... permission to conduct commerce using the roads and highways.


    travelling ... an unalienable right of a man or woman


    Seems this info is gaining ground everywhere.


    Anyone know why Constitutional Law was taken out of the corricculum in 1965?


    So you would no longer know that England is a Sovereign country and cannot be governed by a foreign country/nation.


    Just a coincidence that Europe has been slowly but surely taking over our country ever since?

  8. If someone, for example, attacked you and you were in a position where you couldn't defend yourself then what would happen? Or what happens if it was a crime that you weren't around to defend? If your car got stolen, what could you do? Surely the police wouldn't be obligated to share their own resources with you?


    Am I correct in saying that society could snub your counter offer contract just like freemen snub the contract that society offers to them? If this is so, wouldn't it leave a freeman in a sticky situation?


    We could talk hyperthetical situations all night and not get anywhere. All this will do is create self-doubt and keep you trapped in a box. What may or may not happen is neither here nor there. Protect your car so it won't get stolen. Why do you think car manufacturers don't make them theifproof in the first place?


    England is a Common Law jurisdiction, common law true is the law of the land. The police have a duty to protect everyone, both foriegn and domestic and uphold the common law!

  9. Basically, the way I understand it, is that you are a legal "person", that is a fictitious entity within the framework of "citizenship". This is subject status rather than sovereign status - am I correct?


    Therefore, all contracts made between you and the government (who also operates within this fictitious, legal realm) binds you to their terms and conditions. Lawfully, you are a free individual, but legally you are bound by contracts... the pen. It's like two different frameworks of existence, and the legal realm requires you to create a "strawman" version of yourself in order for your actions to be applicable in that realm.


    This is the gist of it yes. But I subscribe to the point of view that there is no actual government as we know it to be. What we have is a series of private corporations interlinked, creating the illusion of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Parliment is just an office where they meet to make it look like in the public eye they are doing the jobs we want them to do.


    The strawman isn't a version of yourself, but rather just a bit of writing on a piece of paper. You are not a person, but you have a person, the birth certificate. And being as though it was set up for 'your' person, not anyone elses, you have first right of appropriation of that person/strawman. But because you do not know this, due dilligence, the corporation takes the view that this means you are a child and they look after the 'person' for you, untill such time as you lay claim to it and control it yourself.

  10. What is the name of our society? and does the name hold any significance?


    Indeed it does, very significant, but why does no-one know the name of their own society? But that's impossible eh? What type of society are you a part of? Does the term civil society ring any bells?


    What about policing? If you are a freeman, I would assume you lose some security as (unless I'm mistaken) you can't pay for the police to offer you that security in the same way you could with education and healthcare?


    What security? If you stay in honour there's no need for any police involvement with your own actions. If someone attacks you then defend yourself, don't wait for the police to arrive to save you. That rarely happens in the real world.


    I understood that hospitals/schools/authorities/etc. have no duty to help you unless you're in a contract like the one you talk about.


    As with all contracts, you have the right to make a counter offer, re-write the contract to suit the needs of the 'person'. There's so much to learn about, it can take a bit of time for this to sink in.

  11. Darren - he reminds us of the mad old guy that used to live down the road, that everyone was scared of and new not to cross.


    Ah, now I see a different perspective, intreresting. I can see how main stream media blows things all out of proportion. I'm supprised they didn't try to class him as a terrorist. Not saying he is, don't get me wrong. Just that the media like dishing out the pork pies!:gag:

  12. But surely being a member of society has it's benefits (education, healthcare etc) so if you were to unsubscribe would you forfeit the right to these things?


    You really should find out the name of your society.:) What you have to do is realise you are not a person, it's really a birth certificate, but you have a person, the certificate. What you then have to do is take control of your person and make it work for you, as was its original intention. You can access your bond/trust to offset education fees, student loans, home schooling etc. As always, there's an admin process to go through but many have done this. Not casting disburtions, but people can't get money out of it, it doesn't work that way. It's about the treasury adjusting accounts, not sending out checks.


    Public hospitals, dentists, doctors etc. have a duty to help everyone, regardless of social status or not and you can not be turned down. But the way I see it is if you're a freeman-on-the-Land, you don't have to pay income taxes, you are exempt from levy and could afford to pay your own medical bills.


    Just a thought!


    I'm off to bed now, but will gladly try to answer any questions you folks have tomorrow. This is serious stuff folks. They don't teach you this in schools because you wouldn't let them treat you this way if they did.


    That's all it is.


    Be happy, have fun and stay free eh!



  13. what is your birth certificate is for?


    Doesn't a persons birth certificate have a unique number that can be found as a finantial intrument ?


    I've read a little on the subject after reading this thread and found it all rather interesting.


    Yes, it's all very interesting. What happens when we 'register' (to give up your natural right to something) our children and get a Birth Certificate is the government create a 'bond' or 'trust', called a Foreign Sitas Trust, with the International Moneytary Fund, that has a numerical value to it and attaches it via the 'registered No', to the birth certificate.


    This bond is then used to pay for all the childs benefits. Such as 'family allowence', medical bills, schooling etc. The money does not come from your taxes folks. It comes from the banksters who have a contract with the Inland Revenue that say the money will be paid back, with interest, when the child is older and pays taxes. But the taxes are never enough to pay off the debt to the banksters, all your tax does folks is pay off the interest on the National Debt, not the debt itself.


    Your income taxes are not going to pay for the infrastructor of this country, as we are led to believe. Private banking corporations are the ones getting your money because we have unwittingly entered our children into bonded slavery by 'registering' them when they're born.


    Right, here's the tricky part. When we 'register' our new baby, what happens is the 'registry officer' gives our baby a new name. For instance, when I was born I was called Darren of the family: Pollard


    The registry officer didn't put this down on my birth certificate. What he/she did was DARREN POLLARD.


    This is allcaps folks. It's not common English. It's legalese. In Blacks Law Dictionary, which is the bible of Law dictionaries. It states the allcaps name is a civil status (in a society - my words) in three seperate catagories:


    Capitis Diminutio Minima


    Capitis Diminutio Media


    Capitis Diminutio Maxima


    Gage Canadian Dictionary 1983 Sec. 4 defines Capitalize adj. as "To take advantage of - To use to ones own advantage."


    Blacks Law Dictionary Revised 4th Edition 1968, provides a more comprehensive definition as follows …


    Capitis Diminutio (meaning the diminishing of status through the use of capitalization) In Roman law. A diminishing or abridgment of personality; a loss or curtailment of a man's status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications.


    Capitis Diminutio Minima (meaning a minimum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. John Doe) - The lowest or least comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man's family relations alone were changed. It happened upon the arrogation [pride] of a person who had been his own master, (sui juris,) [of his own right, not under any legal disability] or upon the emancipation of one who had been under the patria potestas. [Parental authority] It left the rights of liberty and citizenship unaltered. See Inst. 1, 16, pr.; 1, 2, 3; Dig. 4, 5, 11; Mackeld. Rom.Law, 144.


    Capitis Diminutio Media (meaning a medium loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. John DOE) - A lessor or medium loss of status. This occurred where a man loses his rights of citizenship, but without losing his liberty. It carried away also the family rights.


    Capitis Diminutio Maxima (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. JOHN DOE or DOE JOHN) - The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man's condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.


    Diminutio. Lat. In civil law. Diminution; a taking away; loss or depravation.


    Capite. - Lat. By the head.


    So, when we call someone a person, legal fiction, we are actually calling them a birth certifiate, because that's what it is. Having a birth certificate turns you into a citizen, a person, with rights and duties.


    'You are not a person because you are a human being, but because rights and duties have been ascribed to you!' - Blacks Law, 4th edition.


    When you reach 16 the tax man offers you a contract, it's called a 'National Insurance Number.' The form you sign for that is in Legalese. This looks just like the English language, but it is totally different. It is the language of the legal corporate system and only looks like common English. This contract allows you to access your bond for 'benefits' if you are out of work. But with these benefits comes the burdon. Such as abiding by the contract you have with the dole office to find work. Such as paying a lot of taxes from your labour.


    People don't realise these are contracts that require your consent and if there was not full disclosure from the contractor making the offer and you agree with the contract, the contract is actually null and void because there wasn't full disclosure.


    So we sign these forms willy nilly, not comprehending the contract we have entered into.


    But these are just rules of one society. You have no lawful compulsion to stay a member of any society if you don't like the way they run things!

  14. I should also point out that you have basically listened to a single legal opinion, and taken it as fact. If/When you get caught i will laugh as you are convicted.


    Here's a mate of mine, like me, is just waiting to 'get caught' by them. He sent his number plates back to the DVLA, made his own up and drives around with no tax, completely lawful:


    This is 32 mins of top information, do not miss this folks, De-registering A Vehicle:










    Remember, our bill of rights etc are not like the USA one, ours can be altered by simple statute.


    Acts and statutes are not laws. They are private rules of a corporation, nothing more and with any corporation they require your consent for them to apply to you! Your contractual consent.


    There's always contracts. When you 'register' something, it is a contract. When you 'apply' or fill out an application for something, you are contracting. Anything that has to be signed is a legal document and a contract.


    A contract can be written, verbal or implied and contracts require offer, consideration and acceptance. The latter is your consent!


    Hope this helps!

  15. In the case of Civil Parking Enforcement, there is an established appeals process which culminates (if you wish to take it that far) in a hearing or postal decision in front of / by an Adjudicator at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.


    The philosophy of being a freeman is to avoid courts, stay in honour and not pay any penality charges altogether. This can be done with a simple Notice to said parking 'authorities' and getting them to prove their claim against you, by using a conditional acceptance process that they can not dispute, they lose by aquiesance (failing to respond to you point for point) which is completely lawful. This way you stay in honour, avoid the court and any penalties.


    This is why when you don't appear in court they find you guilty in your absence. You went into dishonour by not appearing, you lost by default judgement. You should turn up to deny jurisdiction or deny the charges. There's a law maxim that says:


    'Those that don't deny, consent!'

  16. because your that mad man off the internet and it just isnt the done thing ............ ?




    not having YOUR consent is irrelevant if the majority agree, and seen as I`ll disagree with every schoolboy point you raise that will cancel your drivel out


    simple see.


    Ah, but the legislation you and the majority abide by does not apply to me. You have consented, I and many others have not. That's the rules of your society. I am not part of your society. This is the beauty of being a freeman. I can even start my own society if I so wish or become a member of another society.


    I'm not trying to be a smart arse, it's just that good folks like yourself haven't been informed on these things, is all. I'm not telling you fairytales, that's your governments job.


    Do you know what the name of your society is? Does anyone here? I bet they don't.


    Any solicitors on here know the name of this so called society?


    Does anyone here know what your birth certificate is for? Come on, you all have one. You must know what it does throughout your life?


    Why do you not know these things folks? Why haven't you been taught these things in school?


    Feel free to ask any questions about what I've said.


    Peace eh!

  17. i always thought tape recordings were inadmissible in court,if so the advice is wrong


    A recent case I heard about allowed the use of a recording as an 'Aid memoir'.


    I myself do not have a tv license. I have a tv, but no license. I am waiting for them to come round to my house to give them some home truths, but apart from a few pathetic threatening letters they leave me alone.


    The BBC are committing treason by supporting the European Union, they have accepted money from the EU, which is contrary to the Royal Charter that enabled the BBC to be created. The BBC are supposed to be impartial in politics, but they are not.


    So, now you know the BBC are committing treason, if you pay them any more money for a tv licence you are actually Compounding Treason.


    Therefor you now have lawful excuse not to pay for a tv licence. There are many other ways to defeat the tv license, but this one will get them running for cover. The wouldn't want you to mention treason in court, on the record, someone will have to look into it, so they will leave you alone!


    Another one sorted.


    This thread could save people a lot of money if they took this info in.

  18. no not really.


    At the end of the day these people are just doing there jobs, yea ok there is a thing called discretion but if people didnt park wrongly in the first place there wouldnt get fined!


    Just doing their jobs. What a cop out for a bunch of corporate stooges. Crime of the century eh. Are you Common Purposed trained by any chance?


    Why is it I can park on double yellow lines in public and not have to pay a fine?


    It's because I do not consent.


    You can only be fined by a private company with your consent. Otherwise it is not lawfull.

  19. You the same Darren Pollard that taped those cops in yer garden?


    Yes mate. I'm the one that challenges the cops and polititions on the law and I beat them all every time! This isn't because I'm a showoff, it's because I don't wish to be governed by anyone or anything. As long as I abide by the law of the land they have no jurisdiction over me!


    I am not subject to any rules that are made by parliment. I don't agree with them, so why should I abide by them. That's what I believe!

  20. Insurance pursuant to the Road Traffic Act 88 is required for every vehicle on the road. A term of EVERY insurance policy is that you have a full, valid, licence, in fact, its a standard question on every application for insurance. If you say you have a licence, and you don't, you've lied, and therefore have invalid insurance.


    You may not want to listen to legal opinion, but I'm giving it you, free of charge. I normally charge £200 an hour, so be grateful.


    Ah, a solicitor? What you say is indeed correct. It is ilegal to drive without a licence and insurance. So why are the police and courts not prosecuting me?


    This is the key.


    It's because the road traffic act requires my consent for it to apply to me and I do not consent.


    There you go, simple really!


    It's all about knowing the difference between legal and lawful, illegal and unlawful. It's also about the difference between a human and a person.


    I am not a person, legally speaking, but I have a person, if I choose to use it.


    All things legal are just legislation of a private corporation. They are not laws.

  21. So you do not have a licence, which means you cannot have valid insurance, which means if you crash into someone...


    Great thing to brag about


    I should also point out that you have basically listened to a single legal opinion, and taken it as fact. If/When you get caught i will laugh as you are convicted.


    I haven't listened to any legal opinion. Why would I do that for? No offence mate but I am not doing anything unlawful.


    I am breaking no laws.


    The police see me all the time driving and they know I have no licence. I actually make vids telling people they do not need a driving license and post them up on the net. Why are they not pulling me for committing these crimes against humanity?


    Because it is not a crime.


    A crime is when you have caused someone harm or loss, which is against the law.


    Not having a driving license or car tax is not against the law. It is the rule of a private corporation, but we think it applies to us all and just go along with it without question.


    How many of you read the road traffic act or equivelent before they 'applied' for a license? Not many, that's for sure!


    Anyone can call people names. Let's stick to challenging the information eh!

  22. Hi Cumbrian. Freeman Philosophy is a great way of life. No statutory or act obligations and living honourable with our fellow man.


    Some chap is going round the country giving talks about it. It's very interesting stuff - if only we could communicate it to the entire population!


    That's John Harris, a great guy who's done a lot of studying. People should take a look at his vids. His information is top notch and has been saving people a lot of money by becoming a freeman.


    Imagine being able to travel in your car without a license and not having to pay car tax without them crushing your car. I never thought this was possible untill I learned the difference between legal and lawful.



    Some of the best info I ever learned!

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