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Wool shop memories

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We're now in 2019 and Matthews Wool Shop with Marilyn on Bellhouse Road, Firth Park is still surviving.   I live in Barnsley and until last year I regularly used to travel 2/3 times a week to help care for an elderly relative in Sheffield often stopping at Matthews on my way home.

I no longer go to Sheffield as my relative died last October.    I now get all my wool and buttons off the internet but it's not the same as going into a proper wool shop.  I used to feel like a kid in a sweetshop surrounded by all the wool and buttons.    🤣    Good wool shops nowadays are few and far between and I miss my visits to Matthews as I feel it's important to support the few that are left.  I really must make a special effort and go over to Sheffield and stock up with wool and buttons to last me a few months.

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