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I'm lost! Where can I find a good map?

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Hi everybody,


we are 2/3 french students who will come to SHU in september and are actually looking on the SHU website to find a shared house. The problem is that we don't know the areas/streets so that we can't know if it's far from the university !

the only things that we are sure is that the area "city" is not far from the SHU of course :lol:


there is a map of all the area on the SHU accomodation website but we can hardly see nothing on it !


if you know a website with a good map... tell us please !


thanks a lot



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Sheffield has reasonably good public transport links, so don't worry about being "outside" the city centre. That said, there are several areas which are popular among Hallam students, such as Hunters Bar, Ecclesall Road, Broomhall and so on. Your best bet is to speak to someone in the appropriate department at the uni (student services, accomodation services etc.) and ask their advice. Good luck.

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thanks Chloe for the web site... ;-)


yes, i have send an email to the uni but i don't know if there are a lot of people at the uni during the summer...they must all be on the beach ;-)


and 2 last questions in case you know :


we want to come to sheffield at the end of july just for a weekend and a night to find a house, do you know where we can sleep which is really cheap ?


if a house sounds good to us, do we have to pay the august and september month to be sure to get it in september or can we just give some deposit to the owner so that we could "reserve2 i t until september ?


thanks a lot, this forum is great ;-) we are looking forward to go to sheffield now !

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