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Balti King, Broomhill.


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Well, the University of Sheffield promote Balti King like mad because they sponsor loads of the uni's sports teams. In my experience, the only people who actually enjoy Balti King curries are going there at around 3am after a heavy drinking session.


We went plenty times whilst I was at university and each time we said we'd never go again... each time it was awful... each time we complained about the quality of the curry and they normally dismissed our complaints as rubbish because we were drunk - but let's face it - the more drunk we are, the better the curry will taste, so these must have been really bad!


Balti King is bad. Full stop.

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Originally posted by Miss_60

...Went to an Indian restaurant called the Balti King.......read the reviews afterwards and found that the owner was fined £10,000 for having low hygeine standards..




......didn't feel dodgy after going there but won't go back there again......nice Z3 outside the building though


yeah.. it was something like that they found [edited - see link above for their version of the story]


i have never been there, and won't be going.. but a lot of the students at my uni didn't go there for a while after the review but now all of them just go back there... weird.. hehe...


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Been there a couple of time, have to say I wasn't impressed and hadn't any plans to go again..


Tried Nirmals on West St/Glossop Rd the other week. Excellent all round. Will certainly be going there again soon..

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