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Who Believes in a 'God' type entity?

Do you Believe in a God type entity?  

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  1. 1. Do you Believe in a God type entity?

    • Yes, GOD exists.
    • NO, that's just big sweaty pants IMHO
    • I believe in something there but not sure what.
    • I just worship alcohol.

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just curious to know which of us in the forum believe in a 'God' type higher being that controls/manages/governs (delete as appropriate) what we do?


Maybe you believe in more than one god (i.e. God of Day, God of Night, God of the Trees... etc).


Which if you worship a 'Devil' type being, after all Satanism is a recognised faith.

Can someone believe in a God and NOT believe in a Devil... is it possible to have one without the other in your mind?


Just wondered what other peoples thoughts on the subject are.


I'll leave my thoughts till later!

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.......not really thought about it in any particular detail....I think that people start believing in a God when they are feeling down or when they are at a low point in their lives......but I doubt if a God exists....no offence to believers :o

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Originally posted by halevan

There has got to be a God, otherwise, where did creation come from? and please don't tell me it just happened because it is stretching coincidence too far,what,or who made it happen?


You keep saying that but where did this god thing come from?

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The creations of what - also there is a problem with creation isn't there??


I mean If adam and eve were the first humans to walk the planet and they had two SONS?? How did we get here?


Where did the women come from - or does God now love us because of Incestuous relationships??


Moon maiden

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Guest costessey

100% no 'gods' whatsoever


any religious sects are worse than the mafia...at least they are upfront about robbing you


anyone who worships these things just are'nt facing up to reality.

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