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Skydiver - Accident or murder?

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Originally posted by halevan

A skydiver has been killed after he jumped out of the aircraft, he was very experienced and apparently has done over a hundred jumps.


Was it an accident? or murder?:o

or was he pushed?8) Looks like murder to me......if god meant us to fly he would have given us wings :)
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Not just tampered with (which always sounds just naughty, not really bad) They cut all the lines:o. I don't think you can get much more murdered than that.

How sick?

I'll stay on the ground. Cut my bag open while I'm on the ground and all that'll happen is lots of random stuff will fall out of it very undramatically.

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unless it's suicide, it's murder.


The chute was sabotaged, and then packed so as not to appear doctored in any way.


The saboteur was definitely very well informed about parachuting and parachutes.


Jumping out of a perfectly serviceable airplane is so inherently risky that it has been made even safer than driving a car.


Just think of the safety checks you should perform on your car everytime you go out in it, but none of us ever do. Parachutists are not that trusting - they always pack their own chutes and they are locked away overnight if necessary. After packing a chute they will also perform a pre-flight check (in this case the sabotage was carefully done to foil a pre-flight check).


Tragic death of a talented 20 year old. And someone is definitely responsible (although suicide has not (AFAIK) been ruled out).

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Originally posted by Phanerothyme

...they always pack their own chutes and they are locked away overnight if necessary...

That's what I heard on the news - so how come he didn't realise? Was it sabotaged between him packing it and then jumping...?


Sounds dodgy to me...

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It rather looks that way, which is why the police are concentrating on people he met the nights before the jump.


It is, I understand, almost certain that this is when the chute was sabotaged.


I'm with cosywolf, tampered is somehow the wrong word - this was sabotage with deadly intent.

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