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Nasty neighbours

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My friend has a woman neighbour aged about 75 yrs. who has decided that she is going to pick on her and find fault with her at every oportunity. This woman will not leave her alone, always sending her letters telling her what to do.


Well the aggressive one has met her match as she will not be allowed to get away with it, so, the one who is being picked on has decided that enough is enough and has started to retaliate.


It has culminated in a slanging match involving me and the police were called, as this female thug tried to assault my friend. Just because she has lived there for 26yrs. she thinks she owns the block of council flats and thinks she is in charge.


Why should my friend be subjected to this abuse from a deranged person, I told her that she should be sectioned under the mental health act and sent to a secure place, where she is not allowed to badger unsuspecting neighbours.


:x :x

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Hi Kittykat,

We have tried to do this but this woman will not let us,

she badgered my friend day after day, always with something trivial, culminating with me having to go to her door, which developed into an almighty showdown.


This constant interfering annoyed my friend so much it was making her ill and I could not afford to let things go on as they were, because it was affecting my life also.


Anyhow, the police were called and now this woman has called a temporary halt to her aggressive antics, so, till the next time hopefully, we shall get some peace, because the police have warned her to stop it.:lol:

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