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Best place for MOT tests?

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I would stay well away from D.O.T mot station near bottom of east bank road!!


they are very dodgy and have ripped-off alot of people.


he failed my new car( 18000 miles) on worn track rod ends, bulbs.

the passed it next day. i took it away and a friend mechanic noticed the brake lights wasn't working and he inspected the track-rods and they were not touched. ive seen plenty of other compliants on forum, just search.


P.S. they pay no tax, he will ask for cash and not card. dodgy guy.

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miata garage.251 16 10.next to birley moor garden centre,family run ,very helpfull and friendly garage mot 35 POUND look on forum for reccomendations


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ps used them for 15year

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As above, definitely DOT MOT on Olive Grove Road.


They dont actually do any repairs, so dont tell you your perfectly new tyres need changing etc.


I went last month and was only there about 20 mins. Theyve got a room where you can sit and watch TV too.




Dot mot do repairs they repaired one of my.customers cars charged him about 3 to 4 hundred pound too much and made.one he'll of a mess.. he is a.bus driver so was really handy .. until I pointed out the mess!

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