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What kind of books do you read


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Just about anything with words:lol:

By preference, Urban Faerytales (Charles De Lint, Terri Windling, etc.), Bantock's 'Griffin and Sabine' stuff, Cyberpunk (William Gibson, Neil Stephenson, Bruce Sterling, etc), only the best Fantasy (i'm very very picky), Young Adult (His Dark Materials trilogy, Lemony Snicket, etc) some horror (again v picky), some fiction. I've just picked up a Brother Cadfael to try out. All the Horrible Histories etc etc Books on local ghosts and legends, ok i'll stop:lol: :lol:


Not books: BBC Wildlife, Mark's FHM if he leaves it lying around, Currently doing a project about plants used by early Britons for dyes, medicine, ritual, so every herbal under the sun plus Flora Britannica.


If desperate: the back of the toothpaste tube or shampoo bottle in the bathroom!:lol: :lol:

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A majority of the stuff I read is non-fiction - Archaeology books, Mathematics, Physics, Chaos Theory, etc. along with stuff like Michael Moore (Stupid White Men), Naomi Klein (No Logo), George Monbiot (Captive State) and other socio-anarchic-liberal-anti capitolist-consumerism-corporate etc etc etc. When it comes to fiction, I can be very picky within genres:


Fantasy - I've only really ever read Tolkien (Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales and some of the History of ME)

Sci-Fi - again, I've only read Frank Herbert's Dune books

Horror - some Stephen King, James Herbert, HP Lovecraft (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward is possibly one of my favourite horror stories)


Others - Will Self is superb, but I'll give pretty much anything a go


I just love reading :D

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Originally posted by Miss_60

...........I read all sorts ..........need to get back into it...haven't read for ages....last book I read was Stupid White Men


Yes I read that a couple of months back. I got the UK version from the bargain bookstore on the Moor.


I thought it would make me laugh...but it made me flippin' angry instead!

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Originally posted by DaBouncer

Why did it make you mad Abby? What's the book about?


It was a while since I read it, and I've forgotten many parts, but it goes into detail about sleaze and corruption that surrounds the current Bush administration and some of the scandals they've gotten away with.


It explains how Bush stole the last election (thanks to friends and close relatives in high places striking thousands of registered voters off). And then continues how 'Stupid White Men' running the US have betrayed the middle and lower class in favour of the elite.


The writer presents the book in a funny way, but it made my blood boil (the content, not the writing style). I found it more shocking than funny.

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