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Which supermarket do you use?

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Do you use the nearest one or choose one that


is value for money?

wider ranges of choices?

later opening times?


best offers?

better quality of service?

small queues?

better layouts?


I use to go to Asda in Handsworth for its 24 hours opening and I would go after 12pm when not as many customers are around but they keeping changing the layout which ends up taking 10x longer to find things leaving me to go to Morrisons in Mosborough.


My ideal choice would be Tessco for better choices for Vegetarian food but there isn't one close enough that I know about for a regular trip.

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I use Morrisons because it's nearest but my favourite if I have time to visit is Sainsburys.


The thing I find with Morrisons which really annoys me is that the fruit and veg has a much shorter life than other more expensive shops. Also things like coleslaw and cottage cheese never last as long as the use by date says. I have taken loads of yoghurts back that have started to ferment and push the lid out even though well within date.


I have to say this and am sorry if any Morrison employees read this but their customer service leaves much to be desired and they obviously spend much less on staff training than their competitors.


After saying all that I do think that they represent value for money:D

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It depends on how much time (and money) I have. I use Tesco quite often in Rotherham if I'm in that area. They have some good bogof's (buy one get one free). I sometimes use Asda at Chapeltown which is not too far away and has some quite good offers from time to time, also it has a decent range of clothes, but not as good as the Aldwarke store the other side of Rotherham. When I'm pushed for time and money I use Aldi at Masbrough. Because they don't have a vast range of goods you can get round there in half the time it takes to go round Asda. Unrecognisable brand names mostly but CHEAP and most of the things I've bought have been enjoyable.

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Just got back from Safeways (Upper Hanover). Why is it they put the fresh meat counter (and its sickly sweet smell) right next to all the fruit and veg? I'm not actually a vegetarian, but I can imagine it must be very unpleasant for them - it is for me!

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Morrisons at halfway, is good value with lots of get one free offers. Having said that, we always look at the prices and offers because even there, you can pay more for certain foods than at other shops.


We also shop at Aldi, and Sainsburys for foods, which are good value on some lines, but not on others.

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Originally posted by Chloe

No one uses Somerfield?? How disappointed am I? LOL :D



I use Somerfield...grudingly. I sometimes shop at their Firth Park store, and their prices are breathtakingly expensive compared to the Netto up at Sheffield Lane Top.


Somerfield and Kwik Save are part of the same group, and I'm disgusted they have chosen the Somerfield route to suck what little money is left out of the pockets of the good people of Firth Park and into the palm of their shareholders.


A Kwik Save would be a lot cheaper (if a lot tackier)

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