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Meynell Road School - 1958 - 64

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I left in 1964 - went to Granville College - I remember Mrs Cryer PE and Mr Plant. Also Mr Bunting (I was in his class in one of the prefabs) Mr Fairhearst who was scary. Some of the pupils I remember are - Keith Willougby, Robert Farrish, Freddie Porter, Geoffrey Wigfall, Jacqueline Smout, Lynda Houston, Linda Burrows, Linda Rodgers - I could go on but don't want to bore you.

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Garry & David Southwell, think they would have been there during that time.


I remember Davd & Garry, I left the senior school in 1964 and went to the "new" Chaucer Comp for my last year at school. What a wasted year ! I did sod all for the most of it but get in bother, spent my last day under the stage smoking while the final assembly was going on above our heads.

Chris Nadin

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G'day everyone I went to Meynell Road starting in 2nd year of juniors about 1962 and left to go to Southy Green High in 1965. My name is Steve Beatson . I remember Mrs Sargent headmistress , Mr Ford anyone play in his orchestra ? Mrs Beaumont , Mr Plant. Houses were Lion ,Unicorn can't remember the other two


The other 2, I think where, Nelson & Griffin

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mr hemmings was headmaster then 1954?.mr bunting teacher.any one remember barry jenkins..


I remember Barry Jenkins.........he's my dad, living in Nottingham and still doing nicely.


How odd to find this thread, I was looking for some old football stuff as a surprise.


Hope he wasnt too bad a kid and you remember him for a good reason though




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