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Meynell Road School - 1958 - 64

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Did anyone go to Meynell Road School during this period.


I was there in the Infants and then the Juniors. There used to be a senior school too but believe it closed in 64 when all the pupils moved to other schools (I believe the majority moved to Chaucer which had become a Comprehensive),


Do any Forummers have any memories of the school - pupils/teachers?

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I was at Meynell until 1963 - remember loads of peoples names - I think smileyjiver you would be a bit younger - do you remember a Mrs Hibbert who was a teaching assistant/general dogs body. I remember Mrs Sargeant/Nowell

she was headmistress.

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I remember Mrs Sargent and Miss (?) Nowell/Newell?


I also remember a Mr Ford - he used to take us swimming at Hillsborough Baths.


Some of the pupils names I remember were the Foxes, Marilyn Hunt, Steven Pickering.

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G'day everyone I went to Meynell Road starting in 2nd year of juniors about 1962 and left to go to Southy Green High in 1965. My name is Steve Beatson . I remember Mrs Sargent headmistress , Mr Ford anyone play in his orchestra ? Mrs Beaumont , Mr Plant. Houses were Lion ,Unicorn can't remember the other two

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