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Sheffield Venues FRSB


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I wonder if anyone can help, I am looking to visit sheffield on the 26th of june, I am going to see a band called "the halo friendlies", does anyone have directions to the gig, it is at the `Sheffield FRSB' this is quite urgent, an address or street name would be very helpful, or perhaps the unabbreviated name of this venue if that is indeed the case!

thanks alot i hope someone can help!

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It appears that the "FRSB" is where "Corporation" is now hosted... see the links below:






No idea what "FRSB" stands for as the club is called "The Unit" but a map is here:




Or visit their website here: http://www.corporation.org.uk


It's quite easy to find (once you know it's actually The Unit and not this fantasy "FRSB" place)! ;)


HTH - it was a nightmare to find out WTF this place called FRSB was!!!




However, whilst the gig appears to be there, it's not mentioned on their GIGS page, so it might be worth phoning the venue to check first.



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