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Fishing in Sheffield

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has anybody fished here?



chesterfield canal around tapton lock in chesterfield


No. of pegs :20 pleasure pegs

Stock : Roach, Bream, Carp, Tench, Chub, Perch, Gudgeon

Access : The Tapton Lock Visitors Centre, off the Tesco roundabout on the A61 Chesterfield-Sheffield bypass or the A619 Brimington-Chesterfield (Rother Way)

Parking : Some on road parking available, near Tapton Lock visitors centre.

Day Tickets : Available from Tapton Lock Visitors Centre or from the bailiff.

Day Ticket prices

Available from the Tapton Lock Visitors Centre, the bailiff or from club officials.

Adult £3.00

OAP £1.50

Junior £1.50

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Well fish in our garden pond are floating around on garden now so imagine river don will have lost a few fish as well just go out and about with a net.:hihi::hihi::hihi:


I was wondering if anyone had this problem....:)

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You seem to have a problem with everything I post,where have I ever a said a rod licence was extortion? The bit about objecting to paying was about having to pay for public parks as was well documented in the wiremill dam thread.

If that's what turns you on,feel free to carry on. :QUOTE:



Why you felt the need to P.M. me your infantile rant (as above), I don't really know. Anyway, I thought I'd copy it here so that my reply is understood by all.


And don't flatter yourself by implying that I've got some kind of special, albeit negative, relationship with you.

I debate points on S.F. And as many folk here know, I hold no grudges.

Just because I might agree with your point this week doesn't mean that I'll agree with your point next week. And vice versa.

'Extortion' may not have been the exact word you used but you were saying that 'because we pay council tax it's a liberty that they should expect us to pay for fishing licences' AS WELL.


You accused me of 'jumping in' - I see, - anything you don't like the sound of, or disagree with, is 'jumping in' is it?

It was you who started with the insults when I was merely making some valid and pertinent points that any newcomer to angling should be made aware of.


One such point being, - that all anglers should be aware that other people are perfectly entitled to walk around ponds and to let their children/dogs play there also. You made it very clear that you think otherwise, as sadly many, but by no means all, anglers think.


P.S. I am a man so that calling me a 'dyke' is a little bit silly - do try to use your imagination if you feel the need to insult me - I'm sure you can do better.







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Isnt the first pond at Rivelin free?


Can you tell me where that pond is please?



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